24 May 2016

Reece Designer Looks: Cassie Hansen’s Dream Bathroom

In collaboration with Cassie Hansen, Editor of Artichoke magazine, CCA has designed Cassie's Dream Bathroom for Reece Designer Looks.

When Cassie approached us to design her Dream Bathroom she forwarded us a short brief and reference images. One particular image stood out; a circular window with greenery inside. We loved this image and started to imagine what a bathroom inside this building would look like. When thinking of a dream bathroom, the fantasy is we’re not limited by size, budget or colour so we were keen to push the boundaries. We chose to make the bathroom large, 3x7m and make it primarily a bathing space, focusing on the bath. The shower and toilet are highly functional but discretely positioned in the space.

We loved the idea of stepping up to the bath, made popular in the seventies, however there is a functional side to this; plenty of space to place toiletries, a book or cup of tea. We chose Reece fittings that we use often in our projects, with circular and rounded profiles and ones that can be integrated to allow the personality of the space to feature.

Warm metal accents in the tapware and metalwork complement the pale pink stone and tiles while the integrated planted garden bed takes indoor greenery to the next level.

We’re so pleased Cassie loves her Dream Bathroom; a bathing sanctuary to retreat, recharge and star gaze.